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Court Ordered Evaluations

Life happens fast and mistakes are made.

Some of those mistakes may carry tough consequences.

If this is your first time dealing with the legal system, then you may well be feeling worried and stressed. understandably, but don't worry, I am experienced and can guide you through.

An important part of this process is an opportunity to tell your side of the story which is done through an assessment conducted in a confidential setting. As a trained assessor who has conducted hundreds of court ordered alcohol and drug evaluations, I will listen and help you express your side of the story to the court. This information, put into writing with recommendations, is called the assessment and is submitted in court.

The assessment is your chance to speak up for yourself. When the judge asks you to complete an assessment, view this as an opportunity to talk with me about what happened on the day of the arrest as well as other parts of your life that may have contributed to the event. Often, a judge requests an assessment to determine if counseling is a good fit for you, to obtain recommendations from me and to help you change your life. In many cases, if you complete counseling you’ll avoid other legal consequences.